Couple Try To Adopt Newborn, Get An Unexpected Surprise

June 22, 2018

This family, a married couple and their five children, are all about helping those in need and extending their family with lots of love. They received a call about a mother who was about to give birth but who could not take care of the baby. For that reason, they decided to adopt the little soul and drove to the hospital in North Carolina. But on the way there, they received a phone call. It was the hospital who announced that the birth mother was not just having one baby, but two! The couple felt overwhelmed yet elated.

Soon after hearing the news however, they received another phone call. The hospital revealed that one of the babies may not survive through the night. The couple, yet again overwhelmed yet afraid, continued to make their way to the hospital.

Upon arrival, they were able to take two beautiful twins home. And although one of them was born with a birth defect, with not much time left on this Earth, the video shows you the immense love that this family has for both beautiful twins. They have opened their doors and their hearts to give these two twins a beautiful home.

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