Genius 4-Year-Old Has Already Read Over 1,000 Books

June 22, 2018

Just before her third birthday, she successfully complete her first book by herself. It was then that her parents enrolled her in the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge, so that they could keep track of her reading and progress. This young girl completed the challenge in one year and still plans to read a further 500 books before attending kindergarten in the fall.

Due to Daliyah’s amazing ability, she was invited to the Library of Congress in order to celebrate her achievements. She was given a tour of the world’s largest library and sat in on some very important meetings. Additionally, she even made a suggestion as to how to encourage young children to read more. She said that the library should include a whiteboard in order for kids to practice their writing skills. It’s clear that this young girl is definitely going places!

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