Man Driving On Empty Desert Highway Sees Two Dark Figures, Realizes They’re Stray Puppies

June 22, 2018

You see, Jordan is an absolute dog-enthusiast but had never adopted a dog before because he was hesitant. Even when the opportunity came around for him to adopt a husky, it made him nervous.

But while Jordan was driving the long highway stretch, he came across something rather strange. It was two dark little shapes in the middle of the road.

He said,“You will not believe what I just found in the middle of the road! Two 8-week-old puppies, completely alone.” He picked up the two pups and took them to the nearest vet, which was near Page. There, they were taken care of and given their shots. Jordan then knew that this was the right time to adopt a precious pup… or rather, two precious pups.

He persisted to call the two lovely dogs, the “Adventure Squad” and documented the rest of the road trip alongside his new-found friends.

Jordan’s strange yet amazing experience came at just the right time as it was the push that he needed in order to welcome two loving pups into his home.

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