Dad Allows Daughter To Choose Her Own Outfit For Picture Day. Photo Goes Viral Overnight!

June 22, 2018

You see, photo day at Phoebe’s school this year had a superhero theme. And while many of the young children stuck to superheroes of their own gender, Phoebe’s thinking was a little out of the box. She was totally keen to dress up as Batman but there was one thing standing in her way. She was terrified that the children at her school would make fun of her for dressing up as a male superhero. What her father did to solve this problem is just too cute for words.

Danny decided to dress up alongside her daughter, sporting an awesome Superman costume. The pair strutted their stuff into school on superhero/photo day and were the envy of all the others.

This photo, when uploaded to Danny’s social media account with the caption,“I gave Phoebe her superhero outfit this morning for her school’s Superhero Day but she refused to put it on because she was afraid of being different. She said she felt silly,” quickly went viral. This is definitely a parent going above and beyond to see their child smile!

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