If A Stranger Asks "Can You Hear Me?" Over The Phone, Hang Up Immediately

June 22, 2018

The Better Business Bureau recently shared this post in hopes of informing people of the dangers of this scam. In addition, law enforcement is aware of the scam and hoping to spread the word and keep anyone from being affected by the scam.


Here’s what happens if you answer “yes”: the scammers take that as permission to record your voice. Then, the scammer will use your words and responses to make it sound as if you are agreeing to certain questionable financial arrangements. This can include consenting to pay for certain services. Canceling the service or refusing to pay may result in the scammers using your recorded voice to harass you into giving out your credit card information. No one in the United States has been negatively affected by this scam, but the calls have been reported.

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